Invest in the world’s biggest companies and also in those that will build the future.
Discover Greenbull Invest

Greenbull Invest,
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type of investment

With Elite Pro status, Greenbull Invest is a popular investor portfolio you can copy on the eToro broker platform.

Giant corporations
Invest in the biggest companies around the world that are or will be the leaders of tomorrow.
Dividend paying
We choose companies offering greater stability by increasing dividends paid to their shareholders every year.
We reduce the risk of the portfolio, using multi-industry companies, healthcare, property funds etc. in multiple geographical areas…
Add in some tech companies and crypto-currencies to boost the performance.
The Greenbull Invest portfolio is on a mission to outperform its benchmark, the S&P 500.

Your key benefits

A team of experts ensuring your portfolio is managed effectively, while looking to enhance performance.
A copy portfolio that has outperformed the S&P 500, its benchmark index, by +20% per year for two years running.
A portfolio with Elite Pro status, the highest ranking in eToro’s Popular Investor program.

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