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All this, while guaranteeing you a high quality experience and follow-up.
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For more than 5 years, we have been doing everything we can to simplify your life.
Health experts, comparison tools, quotes, dedicated managers, VIP treatments with our partner insurers, regular check-ups, electronic signatures… your satisfaction is our main priority.

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Health insurance
Young seniors and seniors

Once you pass your fifties, the subject of health is one you should take an interest in, to ensure a comfortable retirement and for budget control. It is therefore essential to take out health insurance that takes into account your true needs.

Personal Protection

Although this is still too often a taboo subject, it is an inevitable part of our lives and is often the cause of family conflicts. It is possible to protect your loved ones from funeral burdens. Particularly because packages with complementary health insurance now exist at discounted rates!

Pet Insurance
Dogs / Cats

Adopting a pet, whether it is a dog or a cat, often means many unavoidable costs. One solution is to take out pet insurance to avoid these costs impacting your post-retirement savings. Santors is available to help you with this too!

A unique comparison tool for a tailor-made experience

Passionate about innovation, we use technological tools to offer the best solutions.

Our new comparison tool, entirely redesigned by and for our customers, allows you to find the best insurance offers in just a few clicks.

Developed by one of our top health experts, our new algorithm proposes insurance plans that are specifically adapted to your profile and specific needs.
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Some of the best
customer support
on the market

All our customers receive full support from a manager entirely dedicated to client satisfaction.

We call them our happiness managers!

Once you sign your contract, you will also get access to a designated area on our website.

Like a virtual interface between you and your manager, it will simplify your requests and give you access all our services with a single click:
  • Access to your payment plan
  • Sending of quotations
  • Requests for reimbursement
  • And much more!

Our customers are talking about us

I was recommended Santors for my personal health insurance. The consultant was very kind and found a solution to the problem I had with my previous insurance application. And Nathalie who manages my SOLLYAZAR case is always very responsive and efficient.

Gabrielle Canovaro - Santors customer since 15/02/2019

Hiba’s customer service was excellent. Clear and precise information, very friendly and attentive to my needs. She found me an ideal solution by transferring my insurance cover between Neoliane and Solly Azar. Thank you, I am satisfied with your services.

Martine Fournier- Santors customer since 10/03/2021

I was annoyed by the excessive rates at my former health insurance company. I found Marius Casa to be an attentive, meticulous and rigorous advisor. His explanations were precise and he covered all the essential points without leaving out any details. He took the time to analyse the plan best suited to me and answered all my questions. Thanks to him, I found a new less expensive health insurance policy that meets my actual needs. As a bonus, he was very nice and I am extremely satisfied with the way my case was handled.

Benjamin Renard - Santors customer since 16/12/2021