Do you have friends who are self-employed or aged 55 or above?
Introduce them to Santors!
For them, tailored insurance packages suited to their needs, always at the best rates.
For you, up to €70 for each referral.
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Earn up to €70 in just  
3 steps!

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Are your loved ones paying high prices for insurance that is not necessarily suited to their needs? Do they desire better coverage and cheaper premiums?
You have the power to help them; just fill out the contact form!
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Earn up to €70 in just  
3 steps!

Santors takes care of everything!
Our health experts support your loved ones with total impartiality; from the identification of their health needs to the selection of the most suitable policy for their individual circumstances.

They will be accompanied over time to ensure their needs are continuously met.
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Earn up to €70 in just  
3 steps!

Get rewarded!
If, thanks to Santors’ expertise, one of your loved ones finds a plan that suits them, you will be rewarded for your support!

Get paid up to €70 per referral!
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They are speaking about us

Just a short message because I have just received €70 and it’s the first time a company has paid me because I spoke about it to others. I’m really pleased. And I’m really happy with the service, I think it took a little while to receive the money, 2 weeks in total, but I would still recommend Santors Care and would do it again.


After signing my contract with Mrs. Hiba Ben Barrah, she told me about the referral scheme so I was able to refer my sister-in-law and was credited with €70! Almost the amount of one of my monthly contributions! Thank you very much to Mrs. Hiba, a top advisor!

Samia Halimi

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