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Yann Darwin

The channel: Finance & investing, but never boring!

Yann has more than 10 years of experience in real estate (as an investor, property trader, real estate agency founder, educator) and in finance (financial markets and private equity).

He holds an International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management level 3 and 4 (CISI).
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Don Pierre Albertini

The channel: Core values 

Passionate about education and communication, Don Pierre guides his community to a higher level of self awareness, understanding of others, and the world. His aim is to help people develop empathy, learn to communicate better and build a healthier society.
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Finance Investments Tour

Watch the replay of Yann and Don Pierre’s national French tour!

On their final tour date at the Bobino theatre in Paris, we recorded the two-man-show with our 2 favourite influencers.
If you have a financial or property investment project, don’t miss these 3 hours of exclusive watching!