Père & Fish is a story of family and friends united by a common goal: to rekindle your love of fish through delicious burgers.

As the leader in fish-focused street food, we’re now aiming to become the benchmark in the fast-food industry…
And to do that, we’re launching a franchise!
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Home-made recipes,
sustainable fishing & love 💙

Alex, Ava and Antony met in Nice, France, while studying their Masters degree in Entrepreneurship at Skema Business School.

They were drawn together by common values; sharing and respect for products and the environment.

It was while barbecuing fish with friends that the three of them had the idea of creating and developing the first fast-food fish chain, specifically by reinventing the fish burger.

Now Greenbull Group is joining the Père & Fish adventure!

Our aim is to spread the popularity of fish burgers by expanding into dozens of franchised restaurants throughout France, Europe and the rest of the world!
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The only plaice for fish

Black hake fillet with panko breadcrumbs, melted cheddar cheese, tartar sauce, gherkins, red onions and Batavia lettuce.

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Panko breaded pollack fillet, melted cheddar cheese, cocktail sauce, gherkins, red onions, Batavia lettuce and fried onions.

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Fillet of black hake with a special ginger breading and a sprinkling of spring onion served with homemade fries, a wedge of lemon, tartar sauce and homemade pea purée.

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Codfish hash bites with potato, parsley, shallots and chilli.

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Now it’s your turn to become Fishmaster!

Père & Fish
is launching a franchise!

We’ve put our heart and soul into making the best
recipes as easy as possible to serve to our fishy lovers.
And now we’re making it possible for anyone with a
passion for restaurants and fish to do the same!